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Getting started: An overview for creating a course on Udemy Whether you need help creating your first Udemy course or you already have existing video content, we’ve got you covered. The first step is to sign up to become an instructor.

We’re here to help you share your knowledge and give you the potential to reach millions of learners across the globe. Together, we’ll continue our mission of improving lives through learning.

Here’s an overview of the 4 steps involved in creating a course, paving the way for you to become an instructor on Udemy.

Plan your course Planning your course content is important before you start recording. That way, you’ll have the right context for what you’re going to teach and the audience you’re creating your course for.

Choose your topic. You can teach anything, except for what’s on our restricted topic list. Use our Marketplace Insights tool to help you refine your topic based on learner demand and can also help guide you to find similar course topics that might be relevant for your intended learners.

Identify your intended learners. It’s important to identify the specific audience that you want to take your course. This will help you focus your course content to be relevant to these students and what they will learn and be able to achieve by the end of the course.

Create your learning objectives and course outline. Defining your course learning objectives is critical to creating a well-structured course that is relevant and organized to provide a strong online learning experience for your learners.

Create and practice your script. Learners love passionate and interesting instructors who keep them engaged. So you’ll create and practice your script to be prepared to keep your energy levels up.

Get more information on our recommended best practices for creating a course.

Produce your course Once your course is planned, it’s time to bring it to life. Check out our detailed articles explaining our recommended best practices for recording a course.

Select your equipment and set up your recording space. Don’t worry if it’s your first time using audio/video equipment. We’ll help you set up your recording space to optimize your students’ learning experience. Learn how to set up your audio/video equipment and check a list of recommended audio and video equipment. Submit a Test Video. This is a free service provided to you to get your production basics right before you get started on recording. This is to ensure your recording quality meets our standards. Learn more about creating and submitting a Test Video for personalized feedback. Hit record. Once you receive your Test Video feedback and have recording quality that’s sufficient for our marketplace, it’s time to start recording your course. Your script is complete and you’ve read it through, now block some time on your calendar to record your lectures. Polish your course Once your course is recorded, it’s time to edit and add the finishing touches to your course before publishing it. Upload completed course videos. You’ll upload your final course videos along with any learning materials. Use our bulk uploader feature for ease and to save you time. You’ll complete tasks like refining your course summary, creating your course image, completing your instructor bio, setting your course price and checking your course before submitting for one last review. Publish your course Submit your course for review to ensure it meets our quality review process and doesn’t violate any of our policies. This review helps us ensure courses on our platform provide a high-quality learning experience for our learners. All courses must be reviewed before they are published on our platform. Update and publish your course. The Udemy Review Team will evaluate your final course and provide feedback, if necessary. If you have feedback, make the appropriate edits and resubmit your course. Once it’s approved, your course will publish to our platform and you’ll be an official Udemy instructor!
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